March 20, 2006

This event is free and open to the public. Seating is limited.
For registration, please send an email to sexworkmatters@yahoo.com
with "registration" in the subject line.


Thursday, March 30

Morning sessions to be held at The New School
(Lang Student Center, 55 West 13th Street)
and afternoon sessions at CUNY Graduate Center
(365 Fifth Avenue, between 34th and 35th Street)

9am    Breakfast
(Lang Student Center, Lobby)

9.30 to 10:30

Opening Panel:
Sex Work Matters: Opportunities and Challenges in Sex Work Activism and Research

Lang Student Center, 2nd floor

Moderator: Melissa Ditmore, Network of Sex Work Projects
Invited Panelists:
Barb Brents and Kate Hausbeck, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Giulia Garofalo and Jesper Bryngemark, European Conference on Sex
Work, Human Rights, Labor and Migration

Maggie O’Neill, Loughborough University, UK
Claire Thiboutot and Jenn Clamen, STELLA, Montreal

10.45 to 12.15am    Morning Panels

What's Money Got to Do With It?
Sex Work in Socioeconomic Context

Conference Room 101A, 1st floor

Moderator: Jennifer Olmsted, Drew University

Invited Panelists:
Alice Cepeda, University of Houston
A Paradox of Autonomy and Risk: Substance Use Demands, Negotiations and Dependency Among Mexican Sexoservidoras

Giulia Garofalo, University of East London
Radical Political Economy of Sex Work

Melissa Petro, New School University
"I Did It... For the Money": Sex Work as a Means to Socio-Economic Opportunity (3 Case Studies)

Sudhir Venkatesh and Eva Rosen, Center for Urban Research and Policy, Columbia University
A "Perversion" of Choice: Sex Work in Chicago's Urban Ghetto

Jo Weldon, Performer and Activist
Show Me the Money: On the Absence of Financial Psychology in Studies of Sex Work



Roundtable Discussion on
Multiple Roles: Sex Workers, Activists and Academics
Lang Student Center, 2nd floor

Melissa Gira, Board of Directors Member, Lusty Lady/SEIU Local 790
Audacia Ray, Executive Editor, $pread Magazine
Invited Participants:
Robyn Few, Executive Director, Sex Workers Outreach Project
Carol Leigh, BAYSWAN San Francisco
Jessica Melusine, boa (a journal of new whore culture)
Elizabeth Nanas, Wayne State University
Dr.Craig Crippen




Afternoon Sessions to be held at CUNY Graduate Center (365 Fifth Ave, between 34th and 35th Street)

1.30 to 3pm   Panels and Roundtables

Roundtable on Sex Work and the State
Room C204

Moderator: Ronald Weitzer, George Washington University, Wash. DC

Invited Participants:
Anne Dölemeyer, University of Leipzig, Germany
Of Poor Girls, Empowered Selves and Deviant Subjects: Constructing and Regulating Sex Workers

Majda Hrzenjak, Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia and Karin Tertinegg, Vienna University, Austria
Sex Work or Trafficking? Prostitution Policies in Central and Southern Europe – A Puzzle of Framing

Julia O’Connell Davidson and Caitlin Farrow, University of Nottingham, UK
Will the Real Victim Please Stand Up? ‘Trafficking,’ Immigration Policy and the Absence of Minimum Labor Standards in the UK Sex Sector

Maggie O’Neill, Loughborough University, UK and Jane Pitcher, Staffordshire University
Sex Work, Communities and Public Policy in the UK

Patricia Kelly, Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT
Regulating Sex, Regulating Women: The Case of Mexico’s Galactic Zone

Yael Symonds-Yoaz, Tel Aviv University, Israel
From "Prostitute" to "Trafficked Woman": An Analysis of the Construction of Sexuality and Femininity in Israeli Legal Discourse


Policing Violence and Sex Workers
Room C205

Moderator: Juhu Thukral, Urban Justice Center, New York
Invited Panelists:
Elizabeth Cohen and Heather Latham, Rape Crisis Center, Lowell, MA
Kristen Freeland and Jennifer Ramirez, Sex Worker Project, Urban Justice Center, New York
Remy Kharbanda and Andrea Ritchie, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, New York
Raquel Osborne, National University of Education at Distance, Madrid
Catherine Poulcallec-Gordon, SIG (Social Intervention Group, Columbia University School of Social Work)


3.15 to 4.45pm   Panels and Roundtables

Researching Sex Work: Issues in Methodology
Room C203

Moderator: Don Kulick, Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality, NYU

Invited Panelists:
David S. Bimbi, Center for HIV Education, Studies and Training (CHEST)
Researching Male Sex Workers: Biases, Beliefs and Bad Science

Juline Koken, CHEST
The Meaning of the Whore: How Feminist Theories of Female Sexual Agency Shape Research Methodology in the Study of Sex Work

Alix Lutnick, University of California San Francisco and St. James
The SWEAT Project: Our Process of Learning Where the Hurdles Are and How to Jump Them

Nenad Senic, Western Michigan University
Sex Workers as Primary Subjects in Studies of Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Pornography: Empirical and Methodological Rationale

Roundtable Discussion on
Sex Worker Outreach and Activism

Room C204

Moderator: Shane Luitjens, HOOK

Invited Participants:
Katie Aldworth, GiGi Thomas and Ryan Shanahan, HIPS, Washington DC
Grace Chang, Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies, UC Santa Barbara with Dawn Passar, Exotic Dancer’s Alliance, San Francisco
Camila Gelpi-Acosta and Dalia Heller, CitiWide Harm Reduction, NYC
Michael Hendricks and Claire Thiboutot, STELLA, Montreal Canada
Mazrul Islam, Rehabilitation Center for Prostitutes and Rootless Children (PARC), Chittagong, Bangladesh

Issues of Identity and Intimacy in Sex Work
Room C205

Moderator: L.H.M. Ling, New School University

Invited Panelists:
Mindy S. Bradley, University of Arkansas
To Love, Honor and Strip: Romantic Relationships and Adjustment Strategies in Exotic Dance Careers

Kerwin Kaye, New York University
Runaway Prostitutes and Gang Bangers: Representing Street Masculinities

Renate Ruhne, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
The Spatio-Social Control of Prostitution/ Sex Work in German Cities as a Gender Issue

Elizabeth Ricks, Roosevelt University, Chicago
Power Play: Gender and Power in Commercial BDSM

Mashrur Shahid Hossain, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Hijra and Enforced (ab)Normalcy: Re-Appropriating Interpellated Identity Through Sex Work


5.30 to 7.30pm  

Decriminalization and Beyond

Sociology Lounge, 6th floor

Moderator: Julia O’Connell Davidson, University of Nottingham, UK

Jesper Bryngemark, University of Lund, Sweden
Helen Mason, New Zealand Prostitutes Collective
Juhu Thukral, Urban Justice Center, New York



Arriving at The New School, Lang Student Center, 55 West 13th Street (near 6th Avenue) by subway:

  • F,V trains to 14th Street. Exit and walk south one block on 6th Avenue to 13th Street, turn left.
  • A,B,C,D trains to West 4th Street. Walk north on 6th Avenue to 13th Street, turn right.
  • 1,2,3,9 trains to 14th Street. Walk east on 14th Street to 6th Avenue, south to 13th Street.
  • 4,5,6,N,R,Q,W trains to 14th Street Union Square. Walk west to 5th Avenue, south to 13th Street and west to 55 West 13th (near 6th Ave).

Directions from The New School to CUNY Graduate Center

Afternoon sessions will be held at CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue between 34th and 35th Street.  To arrive by subway, exit the 55 West 13th Street building to the left, and turn left again at the corner of 6th Avenue and 13th Street. Walk one block north to 14th Street and take the F or V train (orange line) uptown to 34th Street. From the 34th Street station, walk east on 34th Street to Fifth Avenue. The Graduate Center is across the street from the Empire State Building.